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Books available for loan are listed in this index.

B1 Practical Woodturner Frank Pain
B2 Woodturning Trickery 2015 David Springett
B3 Bert Marsh, Woodturner Bert Marsh
B5 Useful Woodturning Projects GMC
B6 Trees of Great Britain Paul Sterry and Bob Press
B7 Artistic Woodturning Dale L Nish
B8 Trees and Shrubs of Britain Readers Digest
B9 Turning Projects Richard Raffan
B10 All Screwed Up John Berkeley
B11 Turning Miniatures in Wood John Sainsbury
B12 Woodturning Masterclass Tony Boase
B13 New Masters of the Wooden Box Oscar P Fitzgerald
B14 Woodturning - An Individual Approach Dave Regester
B15 Colouring Techniques for Woodturners Jan Sanders
B16 Wood for Woodturners Mark Baker
B17 Woodturning Jewellery Hilary Bowen
B18 The Craftsman Woodturner Chris Child
B19 Pyrography Handbook Stephen Poole
B20 Spindle Turning Fine Woodworking Magazine
B21 Turning Lace Bobbins David Springett
B22 Woodshop Dust Control S. Nagyszalanczy
B23 Complete Spindle Turner Hugh O'Neil
B24 Learning Toys John Coxon
B25 Woodturning Oliver Plant
B26 The Art of the Lathe Patrick Spielman
B27 Woodturning Forms and Materials John Hunnex
B28 The Fine Art of Small Scale Woodturning William R Duce
B29 Ideas for Woodturning Anders Thorlin
B30 Making Toys in Wood Charles Hayward
B31 Woodturning Ray Key
B32 Woodturning Klaus Pracht
B33 Turning Pens and Pencils Kip Christensen & Rex Burningham
B34 Pyrography - The Art of Woodburning Bernard Havez, Jean-Claude Varlet
B35 Salt & Pepper Shakers and Mills Chris West
B36 Make Money from Woodturning Ann & Bob Phillips
B37 Creative Woodturning Dale Nish
B38 Woodturning Evolution Nick Agar & David Springett
B39 Learn to Turn Barry Gross
B40 Turning Wood Richard Raffan
B41 Hand or Simple Turning J J Holtzapffel
B42 Turning Bowls Richard Raffan
B43 Practical Tips for Woodturners GMC
B44 Ceramic Form Peter Lane
B45 Woodturning Wizardry (1st Edition) David Springett
B46 Master Woodturners Dale Nish
B47 Woodturning Projects - A Workshop Guide to Shapes Mark Baker
B48 Classic Forms Stuart E Dyas
B49 What Wood is That? Herbert L. Edlin
B50 Making Unusual Miniatures Graham Spalding
B51 World Woods in Colour William A. Lincoln
B52 Woodturning Projects Keith Rowley
B53 Nature and Art of Workmanship David Pye
B54 Finishes and Techniques Fine Woodworking
B55 100 Tips for Workshop Safety Alan & Gill Bridgewater
B56 A Guide to Toy Safety - List of Members British Toymakers Guild
B57 Techniques for Spiral Work Stuart Mortimer
B58 Beyond Basic Turning Jack Cox
B59 Turned Bowl Design Richard Raffan
B60 Trees in Britain, Europe and North America Roger Phillips
B61 Notes from the Turning Shop (Books 1 & 2) Bill Jones
B62 Eccentric Chuck Projects Robert Sorby
B63 Woodturning Phil Irons
B64 Tools & Equipment Test Report, Book 1 Woodturning Magazine
B65 Woodturning Ideas for Design Tage Pedersen
B66 Shapes for Woodturners David Weldon
B67 Woodturning Project Book Phil Jones
B68 Trees of Britain & Europe G. Aas & A Riedmiller
B69 Pleasure and Profit from Woodturning Reg Sherwin
B70 Woodturning Wizardry (Revised Edition) David Springett
B71 Jig Making for the Router Roy Sutton
B72 Classic Woodturning Projects Bonnie Klein
B73 Airbrush Radu Vero
B74 Basics of Woodturning Woodturner
B75 Turning Wood into Art 2004 & 2006 issues .
B76 The Complete Pyrography Stephen Poole
B77 Tony Boase Tribute Catalogue .
B78 Turned Chessmen Mike Darlow
B79 Work Holding on the Lathe Fred Holder
B80 The Art of Segmented Woodturning Malcolm Tibbetts
B81 Woodturning - A Fresh Approach Robert Chapman
B82 Carving on Turning Chris Pye
B83 Turning Boxes Richard Raffan
B84 Woodturning Techniques Mike Darlow
B85 Contemporary Turned Wood Liers, Peters & Wallace
B86 Pyrography Designs Norma Gregory
B87 Masterful Woodturning S. Gary Roberts
B88 Turning Green Wood Michael O'Donnell
B89 Multi-Centre Woodturning Ray Hopper
B90 Decorating Turned Wood - The Maker's Eye Liz & Michael O'Donnell
B91 Wood Handbook for Craftsmen David Johnston
B92 Woodturning design Mike Darlow
B93 Wood Turning for the Garden Mike Cripps
B94 Decorative Routing, Jigs & Techniques Jack Cox
B95 Make Your Own Woodworking Tools Mike Burton
B96 Sharpening - The Complete Guide Jim Kingshott
B97 Illustrated Woodturning Techniques John Hunnex
B98 Turning Wooden Toys Terry Lawrence
B99 Making Board, Peg & Dice Games Jeff & Jennie Loader
B105 Practical Tips for Turners and Carvers GMC Publications
B107 Woodturning Trickery 2001 David Springett
B109 Wonders in Wood AWGB
B111 Woodworker Plans/Build Own Workshop Woodworker Magazine
B113 Wood Identifier Aidan Walker
B115 Fun at the Lathe R. C . Bell
B117 Step by Step Pyrography Bob Neill
B119 100 Tips to Preventing and Fixing Woodworking Mistakes Alan & Gill Bridgewater
B121 Zany Wooden Toys Bob Gilsdorf
B123 Complete Guide to Sharpening Leonard Lee
B125 To Turn the Perfect Wooden Bowl Ron Roszkiewicz
B127 Woodturning Design Derek Hayes
B129 Lathes and Turning Techniques FINE Woodworking
B131 Woodturner's Workbook Ray Key
B133 Woodturning & Design Ray Key
B135 Making Marvellous Wood Toys Tim & Tom Lynn
B161 Art of Turned Bowls Richard Raffan
B162 Woodturning Full Circle David Springett
B163 New Masters of Woodturning T. Martin & K. Wallace
B164 Adventures in Woodturning David Springett
B165 Homeowner's Guide to Chainsaw Brian & Jen Ruth
B166 Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Trees H. Edlin & M. Nimmo
B167 Woodturning - Source Book of Shapes John Hunnex
B168 Success with Sharpening Ralph Laughton
B169 Masters : Woodturning Jim Christiansen
B170 Small and Miniature Turning Ron Hampton
B171 A Glossary of Wood Thomas Corkhill
B172 500 Wooden Bowls  
B173 Making Children's Furniture Chris Simpson
B174 Polychromatic Assembly for Woodturning Emmette & Cyril Brown
B175 Turning Pens and Desk Accessories Mike Cripps
B176 Art of Turned Wood Bowls Edward Jacobson
B177 Turning Vintage Toys Chris Reid
B178 From Tree to Gallery Nikos Siragas & Frances Wildey
B179 Faceplate Turning Woodturning Magazine
B180 Great little Things to Turn on a Small Lathe David Regester
B181 Complete Guide to British Trees Collins
B182 Success with Bandsaws Eric Graves
B183 The Workshop Jim Kingshott
B184 More of Blizzard's Wooden Toys Richard Blizzard
B185 Making Classic Country Chairs David Bryant
B186 Turning Wooden Jewellery Judy Ditmer
B187 Stickmaking Handbook Andrew Jones & Clive George
B188 Photographing Arts, Crafts & Collectables Steve Meltzer
B189 400 Wood Boxes Tony Lydgate
B190 Whacky Toys Rodney Frost
B191 Award Winning Wood Boxes Tony Lydgate
B192 Small & Exciting Woodturning Projects James A Jacobson
B193 Noah's Ark Toys (inc. Ring Turning) Alan & Gill Bridgewater
B194 Turned Boxes 50 Designs Chris Stott
B195 Woodturning Spindle Projects Alan Holtham
B196 David Pye : Woodturner and Carver Craft's Council
B197 Toolchest of Benjamin Seaton T.A.T.H.S.
B198 Pyrography - Special Magazine Fox Chapel
B199 Complete Guide to Toys and Games Practical Woodworking
B200 Woodturner's FAQ Book Fred Holder
B301 International Book of Wood  
B302 Action Toys Richard Blizzard
B303 Bandsaw Handbook Mark Duginske
B304 Turning a Bobbin David Francis
B305 Chairs and Beds Fine Woodworking
B306 Make a Windsor Chair Michael Dunbar
B307 Sharpening Reg Slack
B308 Segmented Turning Dennis Keeling
B309 Working Wooden Toys Marion Millett
B310 Art of Woodgraining Stuart Spencer
B311 Pen Turner's Workbook Barry Gross
B312 Wood - The World of Woodwork and Carving Bryan Sentance
B313 Woodturning: A Craftsman's Guide + DVD Mark Baker
B314 Wooden Toys and Crafts Time Life
B315 Router - A Craftsman's Guide + DVD Alan Goodsell
B316 The Illustrated Book of Trees Nicholson & Chapman
B317 Novelty Clocks for Woodworkers Raymond Haigh
B318 Woodturners Pocket Book Phil Reardon
B319 Country Chair Making Jack Hill
B320 The Woodbook Romeyn Beck Hough
B321 Identifying Wood R Bruce Hoadley

Pen and Pencil Projects

Walter Hall
B323 Contemporary Woodturning Nick Arnull
B324 Woodturning Stephen Hogbin
B325 Woodturning Step by Step Techniques Oliver Plant
B326 Turning Toys Richard Raffan
B327 The Small Workshop Fine Woodworking
B328 Fabulous Turned-Wood Projects Hiebert, Hazau & Bergen
B329 Woodturning - Foundation Course + DVD Hugh O'Neill
B330 Award Winning Designs for Woodturning Alan & Gill Bridgewater
B331 Making Marvelous Music Boxes Sharon Ganske
B332 Wizardry in Wood 2016 Turners Company
B333 The Art of Chair-making Kerry Pierce