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Newsletters 1997

23 January 97 News 23

MWA Accounts 96
The December Meeting
A presentation

24 February 97 News 24

The Butterworth Lathe
Jan. Meeting with Brian Clifford
We're on the Intenet!
Wot, No Chuck!
For Your Diary

25 March 97 News 25

AGM Feb. 97
A New Book
Glue Chucking
Another Local Supplier

26 April 97 News 26

Stephen Cooper Demo
From Rust to Shine
Committee News
For Your Diary
More News
Sticky Stuff

27 June 97 News 27

Elisabeth Turns Bobbins
It's Middlesex Show Time!
Jack Hill on Chairmaking
Bandsaw Blades
Uxbridge Library Exhibition
News Items

28 August 97 News 28 Photography - How To Do It
This Really Happened!
The Middlesex Show
Did You see?
Ray Jones Makes a Chair
29 October 97 News 29 Think Big!
Stuart King Entertains
Uxbridge Library Exhibition
A New Magazine
I Wish I Had Said That!
A Book to Read
30 December 97 News 30 A.G.M.
Carved Vases
Laser Pens
Gary Rance - Woodturner
Programme for 1998
New Arrangements