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Newsletters 1998

31 March 98 News 31 Woodturning Down Under
AGM Report
Selling the Work
32 May 98 News 32

A New World Record
Middlesex Show
More on Photography
Gallery from Down Under
Phil Irons at the March Meeting

33 June 98 News 33

How to sell Your Work
Mac on Finishes
A New Book

34 July 98 News 34 The Middlesex Show
Competition Results
Forthcoming Celebrations
Some Useful Maxims
Work Wanted for Exhibition
Visit to Record Power
Len Grantham Colouring Wood
35 October 98 News 35 Bill Jones. Turner Extraordinary
Members' Hands-on Evening
Axminster Show Competition
Lace Bobbins
36 November 98 News 36 Built Up and Beautiful!
The December Meeting