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Newsletters 1999

37 March 99 News 37 Recent Events
Cork Soup
Visit to Record Power
Club Lathes
38 May 99 News 38

The Middlesex Show
Introducing Craig Barnes
Ornamental Turning
Trials and Tribulations
Large Bowl Turning

39 June 99 News 39

The Middlesex Show
Spoon Carving

40 July 99 News 40 Tom Pockley : Involuted Turning
Middlesex Show Report
The Last 5%
Change of Plans
Down Under Again
Look After It!

41 September 99 News 41 Candlesticks Galore!
Multiple Turning
Bon Voyage!
42 November 99 News 42 Words of Wisdom
Ray Jones Turns a Bowl
People's Choice Award
Hollow Forms and Colouring
Woodworkers World Exhibition